Sennek helps Norway to Eurosonglied

f1a0747e6a31dcf7d42bea0b3539ef6e - Sennek helps Norway to Eurosonglied

With us it is actually pretty quiet around Sennek. Last year she went to our country to the Eurovision song Contest and the adventure seems to be meanwhile consumed. Laura Groeseneken took the final not and that was a serious disappointment. The singer of ‘A Matter of Time’ is already a while music writing, and that makes them just as happy as singing. Recently wrote to Laura, the song “Hold Me Down” and that song will soon be in the national final of Melodi Grand Prix 2019 will be sung. Melodi Grand Prix 2019 is the Norwegian national finals in which the Norwegians decide who goes to the song festival in Tel Aviv. The song will be performed by Carina Dahl.

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