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Sam Bird wins Formula E race in Chile, Vandoorne should specify

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Sam Bird has after a great race the Eprix of Santiago was won. Bird took it for Pascal Wehrlein and Abt. The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne was after a crash, specify.

After the disqualification of Lucas di Grassi if Sebastien Buemi on the polepositie leave. The Swiss had a good start and retained his leadership position, also our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne started well and remained fifth.

Pascal Wehrlein drove in second place ahead of Sam Bird and Daniel Abt. Wehrlein put Buemi is under pressure but failed to really in order during the opening phase of the race, Buemi really threaten. With a little more than half an hour to go in the race, Wehrlein even overtaken by Sam Bird.

A moment later, Felipe Massa extended his grievances because he by Oliver Rowland in the wall was pushed. Stoffel Vandoorne drove meanwhile, in sixth place. At the front was Sam Bird to a half a second of race leader Buemi closed the gap.

Vandoorne used his ‘attack mode’. To activate them he had to go wide in a turn, he lost a place to Sims. By contact a little later between Sims and. could Vandoorne to take advantage and. beyond.

A moment later we were, however, a yellow flag situation, where all the riders just 50 km/h could drive. Max Günther his car was indeed stopped on a straight stretch.

At the restart, we were immediately spectacle. to see. Sam Bird continued the assault on Buemi, but who could manage to keep. Less good news was there for Stoffel Vandoorne, because it stops at the reboot into the wall when he suddenly wide wegschoof in a turn. Vandoorne caused again a ‘full course yellow’. There were indeed fragments of his car on the track.

Vandoorne was not the only one who wegschoof and into the wall again. A moment later, reed also race leader Sebastien Buemi against the wall. Like Vandoorne, he went suddenly wide in a turn. Problem for Buemi who violently cursed on the radio and also in the garage is visible enormously frustrated.

Sam Bird we saw as the lead in the race to take over for Wehrlein and Sims. What later in the rijdersveld we saw a lot of fights and accidents. We promised, however, an exciting slot at the front to get. Pascal Wehrlein came in the end of the race connect with Sam Bird and with his ‘attack mode’ he took Bird seriously under pressure.

Bird was working on his forty-eight, racing in the Formula E, Wehrlein on his second. With all his experience, took Sam Bird for Pascal Wehrlein, who, during his second jump on stage was able to finish.

Our fellow countryman Jerome D’Ambrosio managed to get it all the way to the end in the tenth place, giving him a point in return. By some punishment lost Sims are spot on the podium and moved Jerome D’Ambrosio after the end of the race to the eighth place.

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