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Ripple: Mercury FX is in the future, send millions of dollars in XRP Coin Hero

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Ripple: Mercury FX is in the future, send millions of dollars in XRP

Home News Ripple: Mercury FX is in the future, millions of dollars in XRP to send

Marcus Misiak –

The “International Payments Specialist” Mercury FX has stated that the company plans to cross-border payments in the value of millions of dollars with the XRP-based xRapid software solution from Ripple.

Mercury FX recently announced via Twitter his biggest commercial payment that was sent with the cross-border xRapid-the software solution of Ripple. The payment service provider transferred 4.552,41 USD for Mustard Foods from the UK to Mexico and revealed that the transaction could save by XRP food manufacturer 31 hours and over 100 USD. After this first “record transaction” plant Mercury FX send larger and larger payments until it reached the one million mark.

As with all things, Mercury FX, wool, begin with modest sums of money and, over time, add zeros:

At the end of the test phase, there is no reason why we should not payments of a Million dollars or more.

The company also said that it is testing a payment corridor between Mexico and the Philippines.

Mercury will test payments in Mexico and the Philippines, with Ripple, and we are very excited about the potential to bring currently unconnected markets in the fast Lane of the global financial world. The people’s access to the international markets will create new markets.

Thus, Mercury FX would like to help people to get access to international financial markets and to monetize their Goods and services. The company is of the view that the possibilities for poverty reduction are enormous not only in terms of lower costs, but also on the financial returns for the emerging markets.

Mercury FX is mentioned in the press release, SWIFT said that the network – and Fiat money will eventually be replaced:

Instead of Kryptos and the Blockchain-look at technology as a threat, we have to look for for some time after the optimal ways to use these technologies and to integrate. We believe that the established Blockchains said, ultimately, the SWIFT network, in addition to other, open, chunky payment networks replace it. Kryptos is used as a substitute to replace Fiat at some point.

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