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Red Lions in search of a first success in Argentina

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A week after their openingsmatch in Valencia, where Belgium has the points shared (2-2) and a bonus point lost by a 0-2 loss in the shoot-outs, the Belgian hockeymannen their campaign in the Hockey Pro League Saturday result against Argentina. In Cordoba (22u15 Belgian time) will be the current number one of the mannenhockey go looking for revenge against the olympic champions of Rio, who, after their seventh place at the last world cup in India fell to the fourth place on the world ranking.

For the forces of Shane McLeod is the second of four away games during the winter break, before the national league to resume on Sunday 17 February. Wednesday 10 april is the Pro League returns with a match against Spain on the menu, in Uccle.

Against the “Leones”, which weakens the kick-off appear after the international retirement of midfielder Lucas Rossi, are the cards good for Belgium. The Argentine team is torn apart by internal struggles. The sign is the exit of one of the best slepers in the world, Gonzalo Peillat, after a dispute with coach German Orozco.

The youngest two official duels between the Belgians and the pan-American champions turned out to be a tie (1-1), during the Champions Trophy in Breda in June, and a victory for our fellow countrymen (3-2) in the group stage of the World League final in Bhubaneswar, in december of last year. The two aforementioned leagues have since been replaced by the Pro League.

Great Britain, Friday in Valencia with 5-6 of the size took it from Spain, leads the provisional standings after two days with 3 points. Spain follows with 2 points from two matches, Belgium (1 point after 1 game).

Three hours for the race of men (19h30), the Belgian hockeyvrouwen site in Cordoba, enter the vrouwencompetitie of the Pro League going to play against the “Leonas”, who, like their male counterparts in fourth place on the world ranking standing. For the players of Niels Thijssen, who are at the lowest position of the nine countries participating in the competition hold, is the case for the opportunities to grab. The Argentines, bronze medal winners on the Trophy in Breda, summarize this first game with confidence and respect. “Belgium is a growing team, an excellent European-style uses,” said captain Delfina Merino. “It will be a fascinating contest. But we can also count on some excellent pawns and are all burned on the victory.”

By analogy with the Red Lions will be the Panthers their Pro League adventure will continue with two away games, in New Zealand (FIH-6) and Australia (FIH-3).

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