Organization of American States asked Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president Guaidó to protect

c8f30d8ad261f2b9b4d10cce16c2eedb - Organization of American States asked Venezuela's self-proclaimed interim president Guaidó to protect

The Inter-American commission on human rights of the Organization of American States, Venezuela has called for Juan Guaidó to protect. The opponent and parliament speaker proclaimed himself Wednesday to interim president, after the parliament re-election of president Nicolás Maduro illegal called.

The commission reported in a press release that they are to the Venezuelan national institutions has asked for the rights of Guaidó – ‘the most visible figure of the opposition of his relatives to protect.

Guaidó was quickly recognised as interim president by the United States, Canada and most Latin-American countries. He has Venezuelans called to mobilize against the regime of Maduro. The president laid out on January 10, the oath during a mass demonstration against Maduro.

The human rights commission said Friday that the opponent is within the context of the serious political crisis in Venezuela in a very vulnerable position and the target could be of attacks. She calls the authorities for his safety and that of his family to ensure.

UN Security council

A few hours previously called on the commission also Maduro to the repression against his opponents to stop. According to the commission fell since the beginning of the current crisis in Venezuela has 26 dead and dozens wounded. There were 369 people arrested. Well made Maduro on Friday announced it is prepared to have his political opponent to meet.

Saturday is the crisis being discussed in the Security council of the United Nations. Both the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo as his Venezuelan ambtsgenoot Jorge Arreaza would join the meeting. Venezuela has last weekend the diplomatic ties with the USA broken after president Donald Trump, his aid was promised to Guaidó.

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