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Litecoin Futures on Huobi live Ripple’s XRP will promptly follow

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Litecoin Futures on Huobi live Ripple’s XRP will promptly follow

Home News Litecoin Futures on Huobi live Ripple’s XRP will promptly follow

Marcel Knobloch –

The spread of Futures contracts on the largest crypto stock exchanges in the world always finds further Adaptation. Huobi announced yesterday that investors can trade from now on Litecoin Futures on the Exchange. So Huobi joins a long list of Exchanges that satisfy the demand of their customers.

Traders can take since yesterday evening, on at Huobi derivative of a Long or Short Position in the case of Litecoin. LTC is after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS, the fourth of the Assets that the Derivative platform is listed. The price for LTC / USD derivative is based on the current prices of GDAX, Kraken, Huobi and Bitstamp with a respective index share of 25% per Exchange. It will be a total of three types of contracts: Weekly, bi-weekly and quarterly contracts with a nominal value of at least $ 10.

The minimum margin rate for:

  • 1 x lever is 100% (Adj-Fatkor is 2%)
  • 5-fold leverage effect is 20% (Adj-factor is 10%)
  • 10 times leverage is 10% (Adj-factor is 20%)
  • 20-fold leverage effect is 5% (Adj-factor is 40%)

The user can trade up to 10 minutes prior to termination. The delivery date will be on Friday prior to the expiry of the contract, 16 o’clock (UTC + 8). The Derivative division of Huobi has recorded since the beginning in December of last year, a strong growth, with wurnd 20 billion US-dollars traded. The exchange plans to continue soon, without naming a precise date, Futures contracts for Ripple’s XRP. CEO of Huobi Global, Livio Weng, that Litecoin is one of the most important Altcoins on the market, and XRP is also on the list (freely translated):

Litecoin is one of the largest Altcoins on the market today. We have found a fairly large demand on the part of our users. We will be adding to the platform in the course of the year 2019, a further Coin types, and Ripple follows on our list.

Huobi goes to this step, since the demand from investors will always be stronger and, therefore, this target market has to be catered for, if Huobi wants to be in the long term to remain competitive.

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