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Levi Strauss and the University of Harvard to develop Blockchain-the System – Coin Hero

Levi Strauss and the University of Harvard to develop Blockchain-System

Home News Levi Strauss and the University of Harvard to develop Blockchain-System

Matthias Nemack –

Blockchain goes Fashion? So it seems, if the current messages from the world-famous company Levi Strauss & co.currently.

The fashion label uses the Blockchain for employee surveys

The Blockchain opens up away from the speculation with Bitcoin or Litecoin a variety of ways is well known. All the more surprising in this respect that so many industries such as the banking world or the logistics sector are still cautious when it comes to experiments with the innovative technology. Now, however, the said company Levi Strauss is progressing according to U.S. media, by way of example. Together with the prestigious University of Harvard and the “New America Think-Tank” wants to develop the fashion company has a System to take on the important issues of occupational health and safety as well as safety in the company is a Central task operated.

Mexico-works as the first “test site” is selected

The infrastructure is intended to take the place of inspectors from outside. According to the statements of those responsible for the new Blockchain to trust-based System on the information of the employees themselves. The information should be from the origin and unadulterated. The cooperation partners are talking here, in your opinion, a factory security system. For the Start of the system has been chosen for three Mexican Levi Strauss locations. The project will start this year, 2020, an additional pilot is to be taken project.

Employee statements, thanks to the Blockchain is no longer manipulable

The Blockchain will then be made once per year, conducted security survey, where the existing risks of manipulations to be excluded due to the special System. According to the partners, used the Blockchain comes from the house of ConsenSys, the company, which is part of the Ethereum co-founder, Lubin, and many other advises companies around the Blockchain and cryptographic products and with matching programs.

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