Germany must, at the latest, in 2038 of electricity from coal and lignite

6bf259aa3da2478637cda623a6ca9c49 - Germany must, at the latest, in 2038 of electricity from coal and lignite

At the latest at the end of 2038 should Germany stop with the production of electricity from coal and lignite. This is a special commission of the German government on Saturday agreed, so has the news agency DPA of participants heard.

To achieve environmental objectives, Germany wants to put an end to the burning of coal and lignite. According to the federal statistical agency took our eastern neighbors there in 2017 37 percent of their electricity from. That should at the latest by 2038 complete thing of the past.

The agreement had a lot of feet in the earth. Contentious points were a time plan for the trip to realise financial compensation for the energy companies and the coal-producing states.

The committee met this 21 hours at a stretch in Berlin. The energy companies wanted financial promises in order to hedge against rising electricity prices. Of coal-producing federal states like North rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg, saxony and Saxony-Anhalt wanted binding commitments that they have given financial support to a structural shift as the koolindustrie the coming years, the doors dichtdoet. In twenty years, it would be federal states 40 billion euros.

Just a recommendation

The commission can only make recommendations. Implementation of the agreement is a matter of the state governments and the federal government in Berlin.

Critics argue that the plans are not efficient and too expensive. The government buys, in fact, a whole energy sector, and then to close, says the. By the end of 2022 would be the fourth largest economy in the world is already nuclear steps.

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