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Catherine de Zegher should complaint for slander against Ghent ships Souguir

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Catherine de Zegher, the suspended director of the MSK in Ghent, is going to file a complaint against the Ghent ships of Culture Sami Souguir (Open VLD). Reports that her lawyer Patrick Hofströssler.

“The attacks in the media that the City of Ghent repeatedly on Catherine de Zegher, read, prove the sustained defamatory insults of the city. Also will the City of Ghent will have to give account.’

The Standard reported Saturday that the city of Ghent a complaint with a civil action claim against the suspended director Catherine de Zegher the Museum of Fine Arts. The complaint comes a year after ten specialists in their doubts had been expressed about 26 loans, the Russian avant-garde art. The complaint is also directed against the Foundation of Dieleghem, where owner Igor Toporovski are works of art housed.

After the case was begun, were the loans from the museum removed. At the beginning of march last year, De Zegher suspended as museumdirectrice. Two weeks later the collection was seized by the investigating judge. Accordingly, The Zegher two complaints to its suspension to fight. The first, at the Agency for Domestic Administration, meanwhile, decides that they have no effect. The second, at the Council of State, now leads to a counter-offensive of the city of Ghent. Souguir suggested that there are ‘serious suspicions arise of schriftvervalsing’ by De Zegher arise.

Defamatory statements

‘Ships Samir Souguir explains to the detriment of the work of the researchers and to the detriment of Catherine de Zegher defamatory statements, ” says her lawyer Hofströssler. ‘The loan agreement was not fraudulent. The agreement that was signed fully in line with the agreements made match.’

De Zegher reminds the ships further that the settlement of the contracts needed to be done by the competent municipal services, sets Hofströssler. ‘For the operation of those services shall be the competent aldermen, and not Catherine de Zegher have to give account. Of the falsehoods perpetrated by Catherine de Zegher can never be. Catherine de Zegher is contested with the most terminal of what ships Souguir this falsely explains. They will get him for this, for the court to prosecute. Ships Souguir looking very deliberately with incorrect information to the media, to the rights of Catherine de Zegher to damage.’

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