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21-year-old Osaka wins the Australian Open after thriller and is the first Asian number one in the world

ca810fc17e1602cb53c758d44d56e6de - 21-year-old Osaka wins the Australian Open after thriller and is the first Asian number one in the world

Naomi Osaka has after the US Open now the Australian Open to her name written. But that was against the Czech Petra Kvitova a thriller to advance. The 21-year-old Japanese got in the second set of three match balls, but then took the stress the upper hand and knew Kvitova back into the match to fight. In the third set, it brightened them or the job, and she won after a 7-6, 5-7 and 6-4. Osaka is also the new number one in the world, the first Asian woman who succeeds.

Petra Kvitova and Naomi Osaka showed in the first set matched. In an entertaining party were the Czech and the Japanese have a few breakkansen, but neither could take advantage of. Not even at 6-5, when Osaka two set points. But Kvitova, who at this Australian Open yet no set had lost, worked, both with excellent opslagspel neatly away. Tiebreak so and a sublime Osaka came therein quickly 5-1. That advantage didn’t give them more hands-off. At 6-2 was the first setbal good for the first set.

In the second set wanted Kvitova, however, quickly restored order to the set and she went straight by the storage of Osaka. But the Japanese did not let her piece and stronger back to 2-2. And when was the steam train departed. In the subsequent game went to Osaka by the storage of Kvitova with a ‘love game’. Afterwards, she seemed unapproachable to her second Grand Slam victory. At 5-3, she got three matchpunten, but that could Kvitova have rid.


But the game after the finish, you might think. But just then put out the stress head on to Osaka. Kvitova stronger to get to 5-5 and took new courage, and resulted in a total turnaround. A frustrated Osaka hit side still shore, while Kvitova had been reborn, and the second set still binnenhaalde with 5-7.

That Czech excursion, however, proved of short duration. In the beginning of the third set returned to Osaka its tranquility and excellent tennis and she went through the storage of her competitor. And afterwards the match is a toss-up. Both Kvitova as Osaka got multiple breakkansen. But this time left Osaka is the cheese not to eat the bread. At 5-4 was Osaka again three match balls and this time she made it. After the US Open win Osaka the Australian Open.

Osaka takes her second stage win in a Grand Slam is also the first place in the world ranking of Simona Halep. She is on her 21st, the first Asian, both men and women, who are the number one in the world in tennis.

Kvitova: “Leave Melbourne with a positive feeling”

Petra Kvitova (WTA 6) succeeded Saturday in the Australian Open to win. The 28-year-old Czech lost in the finals of the Japanese Naomi Osaka (WTA 4) in three sets (7-6 (7/2), 5-7, 6-4). “I can look back on a beautiful tournament”, brought Kvitova after her defeat again.

“I think it was an exciting final and I want Naomi to congratulate her victory,” said Kvitova. “I myself am satisfied with my journey here. I played a nice tournament and leave Melbourne with a positive feeling.”

Kvitova was by the end of 2016 in her house attacked by a burglar, that her wounded with a knife. The Czech had surgery on the left hand necessary, and was five months outside of battle. With a final at the Australian Open, she showed that the injury is more than ever a thing of the past. “I want to thank everyone that is in me to continue to believe. Also when I didn’t know if I ever have a racket in my hand could keep up. Without their support, this achievement might never be successful”, concluded a visibly emotional Kvitova.

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