Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 4

98500a0ee44346b1c36f163fc3a024d9 - Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 4

Of six singles we will take this week to say goodbye. Unfortunately, that is the case for “What is now important is” Yevgueni, Luc Steeno, and “My all”, Udo “A white Christmas this year”, “Miss Sarah” Sammy Moore, “I can’t do without you” from Dimi and finally disappear the “Disappeared friends” of Frank Vander linden also of the stage.

The number 43 know a lot of people like Obi from The Buurtpolitie. With his debut single, “Flanders” comes Johan & immediately within this place. 41 appears Els De Schepper with “Look in the mirror”. One place higher sings Alain Smits the “Love of a later time”. 38 is for The Romeo’s and “Better not”. Ertebrekers feel again, “Paranoia” on 18. The highest ranked newcomer, we find this week on 17 and comes from Marcel De Groot and Bart Herman and listens to the title “do you Have that too?”.

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