Trump-ally Roger Stone was arrested

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The political strategist Roger Stone, who have long been an ally of Donald Trump, has been arrested in the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, charged with the investigation of Russian interference in the American presidential elections, complains of Roger Stone, among others, for obstruction of justice, false statements and manipulation of witnesses.

Roger Stone was in 2016, advisor to the presidential campaign of Trump. Later today he must, for the court in Fort Lauderdale appear.

The indictment suggests that Stone several attempts has been undertaken to WikiLeaks to contact about stolen documents of the Democrats and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

The plaintiffs argue that Roger Stone several e-mails received and sent during the presidential campaign when he was “Organization 1” discusses that hacked e-mails in the hands. In the gerechtsdocumenten “Organization 1” is not mentioned by name, but she matches the description of Wikileaks.

About those messages would Roger Stone false teachings have passed.

Stone said, according to the prosecutors, also with senior staff in the Trump campaign about information that the Clinton campaign could harm. The consultant reported that Wikileaks ‘every week’ new documents went release. A moment later, sent WikiLeaks a first batch of hacked e-mails from the Clinton campaign to the world. “Well done”, sent an employee of the Trump campaign to Stone.


The 66-year-old political strategist, on his back a tattoo of Nixon has, since the seventies, a controversial figure in Republican circles. He worked for Richard Nixon’s notorious committee to re-elect. During the presidential campaign of 1972, used the Nixon campaign unauthorized methods. After the Watergateschandaal trad Nixon.

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