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The IMF considers Malta’s Blockchain Boom for money-laundering-risk – Coin Hero

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The IMF, Malta’s Blockchain Boom for money laundering-risk

Home News IMF holds Malta’s Blockchain Boom for money laundering-risk

Matthias Nemack –

In some countries, the Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies and, in particular, the Blockchain as an opportunity. The IMF sees as a priority, the dangers.

Higher money laundering risk by new law?

According to the Reports of the media painted a secondment to the International monetary Fund in the framework of a visit to Malta, to the knowledge of the local growing Blockchain recognition and liberalisation came a growing risk in relation to the financing of international terrorism and the money laundering on the other. The experts of the IMF have a different approach to Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. The same had ennobled digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum recently as “the inevitable future of money” and the positive opportunities of the Blockchain referenced.

Monetary Fund calls for strict law-observance

Several laws with a view to the crypto market and the Blockchain technology to allow the island state to be more liberal regulation one of the Central locations in Europe. The report by the IMF shows other results and warns the front of the problems, the wash from the laws in force in the framework of the implementation of the international Anti-money-laws. However, the IMF calls for, as repeatedly in the past for correcting and tightening existing laws. Instead, Malta had to ensure that the service provider in the Land of Laundry after the introduction of the new laws of monetary rules.

Blockchain and crypto-currencies for Malta more and more important

And after all, in Sharing the Mission of the monetary Fund some of the by the Maltese authorities implemented measures praises. It is important to continue to create gaps finally from the world. Are meant, not least of all sanctions by the financial Supervisory authority in the case of infringements by the company. The importance of the Token from Bitcoin to Cash to Zcash is expected to increase in spite of such criticism from abroad, in Malta.

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