Summer edition Night of the Proms strictly Gérard Lenorman and Regi

The first summer edition of Night of the Proms in Belgium has come up with Gérard Lenorman, and Regi. That makes Koksijde, where the music event, announced today. The presale of the concert on August 1 will start on 29 January.

C. c. knew the organization of Night of the Proms to charm to a summer edition to organize. That means that the 1,000 th show in the 35 year anniversary of Night of the Proms takes place in the seaside resort.

With Gérard Lenorman is one of the ambassadors of the French chanson to Koksijde. Now all can be said with certainty that the entire Church out of the full breast “La ballade des gens heureux” will sing. The Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra provides the accompaniment.

Also Regi is lowered on 1 August down to the coast. Will, of course, also John Miles – Mr. Proms – are present.

The presale starts on 29 January at 10 hours. The pitches cost 28 euro, the seats 45 euro.

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