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Stoffel Vandoorne sees opportunities during third Formula E race in Chile

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The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne had so far not off to a good start in the Formula 1. In the electrical counterpart of the Formula 1 hopes for Vandoorne, however, this coming weekend on improvement in Chile.

During the first race got Vandoorne to deal with technical problems and during his second race there was contact with team-mate Gary Paffett which he after only one lap had to give up.

This coming weekend is the third Formula E race of the season in Chile. For Vandoorne the first time that he is the country to visit but it is also for all of the riders a completely new circuit.

“This is a new country for me. I have never been in Chile but I already have a lot of positive things about the country heard,” says Stoffel Vandoorne forward to the Eprix in Chile. “I will take some time to look around and things to visit so that is very cool.”

“I did the race last year on tv seen and that was pretty crazy. This year, however, there is a new circuit and it is difficult to predict how the race will go as the circuit is new for everyone.”

Given that no rider has experience on the new circuit in Chil provides that Vandoorne and his team.

“That no one there has experience is definitely positive for us, it means that anyone starting from scratch should begin. I look forward to the race.”

“The first two race were very difficult for us as a team. We reason not a lot of miles, and I really hope that this coming weekend will be better work,” decided Vandoorne.

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