Shutdown temporarily of the job: government agencies reopen for three weeks

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President Donald Trump has announced that Republicans and Democrats agreement to the government for three weeks to reopen. Unpaid officials go as quickly as possible to be paid.

“I’m very proud to announce that we have an agreement to have the shutdown to end and for the federal government to reopen,” said Trump. The president said that he agree to sign to the authorities for three weeks, until 15 February, to reopen. He said that he is the leader of the Republicans, Mitch McConnell, would ask to immediately vote for the deal. The president further said that the unpaid federal employees as soon as possible paid.

Trump said that if he is not a ‘fair deal’ will of the Congress, a shutdown will be, or that he is action is going to take to border security to cards.

“I thank all Americans,” said Trump. “You are all very special people. When I”Make America Great Again’ say, would that never be without you, can happen’. There were big names present during the press conference, such as the minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo, temporary minister of Justice Matthew Whitaker, Trmps son-in-law Jared Kushner and national security adviser John Bolton.


The agreement would also mean that calls to Trumps wall-to-finance be postponed until later, said an employee of the White House to Reuters. According to the employee should the agreement Friday yet implemented can be if the Republicans agree to vote.

According to an employee of the White House would be the delays at the airport today, have played an important role Trumps decision to, at least temporarily, no longer to insist on finance for the wall as a condition for the government agency to re-open.

During those weeks would Trump Congress and an agreement to try to get over various topics, such as the wall and border security.

According to the White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders would Trump Friday to speak about the shutdown at 13.30 hours local time (19.30 hours in Belgium). The president gives a press conference.

About 800,000 federal employees had unpaid work or were unemployed at home, as long as the shutdown lasted. Friday they are for the second time and not paid since the beginning of the shutdown.

The shutdown lasts for 34 days and is the longest in the history of the USA.

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