Rescue workers worked all through the night for 2-year-old Julen

The ultimate rescue attempt to the Spanish toddler Julen Roselló from a deep pit to rescue lasted the whole night and continued today.

For twelve days the two year old boy Julen from the Spanish mountain village of Totalán stuck in a deep pit. Last night we started to professionals to a reddingsopdracht that may take up to 24 hours. They worked the whole night through. To the forty-minute exchange two rescue workers one after another. They reached yet the toddler does not.

The rescue workers came down with a kokerlift in a self-dug shaft, so as to Julen to achieve. But between the shaft and the place where Julen is located, would have about four meters of extra distance. That must be the rescuers bridge. In the sleeve there is place for extra sand, so that the workers to Julen could get. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais have them Friday morning about 1.5 metres excavated.

The two year old boy disappeared twelve days ago just from the sight of his father and mother, and would when in a borehole of less than 25 to 30 centimetres wide have fallen. Julen would be located 70 to 80 metres depth.

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