Queen calls in to talk about Brexit seems to go on ‘common ground’ search

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In a speech In Norfolk, the British queen Elizabeth II Friday its nationals are called to become ‘a common basis’. The declaration is generally interpreted as a direct allusion to the deep divisions in her country about the Brexit.

‘We need to respect about talking to each other and each other’s different views respecting, converge to a common basis, to find and never the broader picture, to lose sight of”, said queen Elizabeth. “For me, this approach is timeless, and I recommend them to all.’

The statements of the 92-year-old Queen on the occasion of the centenary of the Sandringham Women’s Institute in Norfolk in the United Kingdom is widely interpreted as a reference to the great political tensions in the country over the departure from the European Union on 29 march.

Also in her kersttoespraak seemed to Elizabeth the previous month, though in guarded terms to refer to the murderous debate about the Brexit. Royaltywatchers dots to how meaningful that is. Also in the United Kingdom have the royal family adhere to political neutrality, and it is very uncommon that the sovereign makes statements about politically-charged themes.

May refuses to comment

The princess was after her speech praised by several ministers from the British government. “I don’t think anyone can be surprised that the queen evokes to seek a compromise and a way out of the deadlock,” said Philip Hammond, the minister of Finance. ‘Actually, that’s what we’ve always done in this country, that is how we always have problems solved, and the country can unite.’

The spokesman Theresa May refused again to comment on the statements of the Queen. “All I can also say that the prime minister is of the opinion that we always have a lot of respect for the opinions of others.’

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