Peter Van den Berge Friday on Dutch tv

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“In the centre of the Belgian Beveren, just across the border from Holly, living Peter Van den Berge and Faith with their six children in a charming castle from 1758”, so start the press text of the program Inside which the torque from The Sky Is The Limit on Friday 25 January to see. “After the renovation it still took 5 years for the interior on order. Not only the kids, but also Peters collections should be in fit! The whole adapted to the special atmosphere of the castle. So are the antiques all exhibited in this spacious castle.
And a home match for the Dutch chef Leon Mazairac; in Utrecht, he gets a visit from a tea specialist in the kiona Malinka. She brings some warmth on a bleak day, because today she has Indian Chai. This creamy, spicy tea blends for savory and sweet dishes. But Léon has listened to the kiona’s story and decides the tea to honor and something with an Indian twist. This dynamic duo guarantees a heart-warming dish!”

You can see the whole family, every Friday night at 18.45 hours on NPO2

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