New season Down the road

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After countless nice comments on the first season of Down the road, picked up Dieter Coppens past summer again his chest with six new companions on a great adventure to begin. On september 6, gathered in Charlotte, Julie, Maud, Geoffrey, martin and Yen’s on the driveway of Dieter for the trip of their lives.

This year is Dieter assisted by accompanist Saar. Together they have 21 days to South Africa. They start in Cape town, follow a piece of the Garden Route and finish top of Johannesburg in the natural park of Pilanesberg.

The adventurous trip is full of new experiences: surfing, zip line, a safari and a hot air balloon ride are just some of the unforgettable activities on the program. But the group enjoys at least as much of the small moments together. Such as cooking together, chatting around the campfire, sing along in the car together and giggling in the room.

Each week they learn each other, and for themselves know better, growing their friendship, and to push their own boundaries. Ten weeks may also the viewers get to know them better and enjoy their adventures.

Who are the guests?
Maud Ysebaert – 22 years – from Mortsel
“Down’s syndrome, I am born. That’s okay.”
The 22-year-old Maud wants only a world tour. The journey Down the road is already a nice start for her. Maud knows what they want, and will not easily change their mind. She is very active: Maud works for the CM in Mechelen, at the UZA, and as a volunteer at a kindergarten. After including secondary education followed Maud her passion and she went to photography study.
Maud is a big fan of ABBA and, in particular, of ‘Dancing queen’. And actually, Maud (also called a dancing queen. She also likes dancing, photography, parties, at Home, and good food.

Julie Slaets – 25 years – from Langdorp
“I do it for the whole world to see what I dare.”
Julie loves adventure and no challenge is out of the way. She wants to show the world what she can and who she is. And she wants to her parents to show how independent she can be. Julie is rather introverted, but will the journey take to really show itself.
Julie loves music, dancing and watching television. This year she graduates and begins then to her search for work.

Charlotte Van den Bergh – 21 years old during the journey – from Pulderbos
“This trip is a dream come true. Because I once without my parents on a trip wants. Without their sawing and gemoei. But that you should not be against mama say.”
The now 22-year-old Charlotte is ready to explore the world. They wanted to travel without her parents. Charlotte is very open and social. They want everyone to feel good and will be the first to help someone or comfort. Charlotte is also very popular with the boys.
Cooking does Charlotte really likes: speculaaskoekjes and meatballs in tomato sauce are her specialties. This year she graduates and she is already looking forward to the next step. Charlotte loves dancing, acting and singing. Though she admits that she is false and dare to sing.

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