Makers follow-up movie ‘RoboCop’ want Peter Weller to re-string

cce42f78e4e7b4de62a65b41116081f1 - Makers follow-up movie 'RoboCop' want Peter Weller to re-string

As the producer and screenwriter Ed Neumeier on it, will the now 71-year-old Peter Weller back in ‘RoboCop Returns’, a follow-up movie ‘RoboCop’ from the year 1987. That made Neumeier know in an interview with HN Entertainment.

Weller played in 1987 for the lead role, where he has the dual role of officer Alex J. Murphy and RoboCop played. In the meantime, he is 71 years old, but still want to Neumeier and director Neill Blomkamp trying to be Weller to persuade another to shine on the white cloth.

“If we have DNA from the old film in the new use, you get continuity. Fans of the brand to really embrace it. When I read the script of this sequel was writing, I heard, in fact, the whole time Peter’s voice. Peter adds a lot to this series,” said Neumeier.

Weller himself had in the meantime already know that, however, he is not interested in a comeback.

Up to now knew only the original ‘RoboCop’film pots to break. The two vervolgfilmen in 1990 and 1993, not same successes. In 2014 there was a remake, but also that did not know to convince. This time, the South African filmmaker Blomkamp, and that an Oscar nomination he received for his first feature film, ‘District 9’, ‘RoboCop’ to breathe new life into.

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