Maduro is willing Guaido to meet

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The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is ready for his opponent Juan Guaido to meet and a national dialogue. That has Maduro on Friday announced.

It’s been a while unsettled in the South American country. President Maduro was on January 10, sworn in for a second term, while the international pressure on him grew to resign. Opponent and chairman of the parliament Juan Guaido called himself Wednesday, however, to interim president of Venezuela and received the support of a number of American countries. Europe asks for fair elections to be organized. The army support Maduro.

There seems to be Friday rapprochement between the two parties. Mexico is already prepared to both opponents for a dialogue.

Maduro surely would like to have a national dialogue. “Today, tomorrow, always… I am willing to meet,” says Maduro.

Guaido said as a reply that he is not a ‘false dialogue’. He called on Venezuelans on to next week, flock to the streets for the resignation of Maduro. He also did a call to the Venezuelan army to assist him in his battle against Maduro.

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