Jo De Meyere finally farmer in “The Family Van Paemel’

f8751a6dc8e8431431bb6637e89c80c1 - Jo De Meyere finally farmer in "The Family Van Paemel'

Jo De Meyere is going to play in The Family Van Paemel, this fall in Deinze and in the year of his eightieth birthday.

VZW The Kwelm move in close in cooperation with the new fusiestad Deinze, The country of Nevele is a large ensemble on around The Family van Paemel. The city is busy with the construction of a new cultural centre, CC LEIETHEATER, with 450 places. The room is in full build-up on an interesting site right next to the Museum of Deinze and the Leie region. There is a very spacious car park and the cultural center is on foot within 1 km of the station of Deinze. The opening of the new cultural centre is planned in september 2019. It starts with a hit of format, namely The Family van Paemel of Cyriel Buysse. Buysse from Nevele, of course, is the writer of choice for the region.

For this production, will Jo De Meyere in the role role of boer van Paemel. It was his big dream to do this ever agree to play and then preferably together with amateurs (Jo comes out of the amateur circuit). That dream will now become reality. On 21 February, Jo De Meyere 80 years, this role is still a crown on his career. The rest of the cast after auditions, composed of the most talented amateurs from the region. Deinze has been many drama groups with o.a. The Forward as a very strong company, so there is more than enough local theatertalent present.
The direction is in the hands of Deinzenaar and professional actor Hans Van Cauwenberghe. The text is taken in hand by Hans and Jo, and pieces that are now old-fashioned happen to have been taken out. What remains is still a well-written, timely piece.

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