Italy should Amanda Knox 18.000 euros in damages to pay

acbf87d4619aaebc34ce8be042336a3d - Italy should Amanda Knox 18.000 euros in damages to pay

The Italian government needs the American Amanda Knox, who in 2015, final acquitted of the murder of her British medehuurster in 2007 in Perugia, 18.000 euros to pay damages for the violation of her verdedigingsrechten.

That ruled the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) on Thursday. According to the ECTHR, the Italian authorities not to complaints of Knox to investigate in which she stated that she was mistreated during her first two interrogations by the police.

In addition, Knox according to the Court, also the access to a lawyer denied during interrogations and was the interpreter of the police is not professional. The woman had, according to the judges ‘mrs. Knox is hugged, her hair stroked and her hands held, what is clearly inappropriate behaviour’.

The ECTHR found that Italy Knox 10.400 euros in damages and 8,000 euros for costs and expenses.

What happened before?

On 1 november 2007, the British Meredith Kercher raped and stabbed to death in the Italian city of Perugia. It was Amanda Knox, her roommate, who the police called. She had to say, spent the night with her love, the Italian Raffaele Sollecito. When she came home, she had traces of intrusion seen. She and Sollecito had then tried the door in beech from Kerchers bedroom, but that was not successful. It was Kerchers body was found.

The American Knox was at first, then not and then again, however, found guilty of murder. With the Mix-Rudy Guede – a man with a criminal past – was soon someone is convicted and found guilty. He would Kercher was raped and her the fatal knife stab administered. The question was however, whether Knox and/or Sollecito for something tussenzaten. Initially said Guede Knox not seen on the night of the murder. Later he changed his statement and said that he and Knox had seen flee.

There was also a whole theory developed as would Knox and Sollecito under the influence of drugs and alcohol gone too far in the humiliation of Kercher. They would forced her to have sex with Guede, something the defense always denied.

The police inquiry was a mess, just like the law. Knox signed a statement which had to prove that the boss of the nightclub where she worked, Patrick Lumumba, of the murder had been committed. Knox would have been present. Later she put that statement back in and said the police pressured, beaten, and manipulated. Lumumba filed a complaint for slander and defamation of character.

There was also much to do about ‘the kiss’. In her own words-was Amanda Knox broke of the death of her friend. Afterwards came however images of a surveillance camera which Knox to see is while they deeply kiss with her love shortly after the discovery of the corpse. According to the opponents a clear sign that Knox ‘no emotions’.

Ultimately, were Knox and Sollecito for four years until, in 2011, acquitted. Knox travelled back to America, from the clutches of the Italian court. Sollecito remained. In appeal, were Knox and Sollecito, however, again condemned. In January 2014, got Knox 28,5 years in prison. A year later, in 2015, had the supreme court in Italy, the conviction void.

After eight years of procedures were Knox and her Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who is four years in cell were finally acquitted by the Italian court.

The Mix-Rudy Guédé, whose DNA was found on the body of the victim, was sentenced to sixteen years in prison convicted for involvement in the murder.

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