Fans be crazy: Jeff Bridges alludeert on Lebowski-comeback

5bd56f5bd6b72b7e88fbdc26c65e9ed2 - Fans be crazy: Jeff Bridges alludeert on Lebowski-comeback

The American actor Jeff Bridges creeps as possible in the skin of his iconic character Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, as he suggests with a short movie on Twitter. Hope, however, still not too hard on a follow-up movie: the chance is very big that it is about a commercial during the Super Bowl.

He played in the recent past in blockbusters like ‘Iron Man’, but ‘The Big Lebowski’ is, and remains perhaps the most iconic role that Jeff Bridges should play. Initially, the film was not very successful, but in the course of the years, knew the bowlingverslaafde layabout, Jeff Lebowski, the hearts of a wide movie audiences will have to conquer. Well, twenty years after date, the cultkomedie of the brothers Coen still a favorite of a lot of fans.

To the great disappointment of those fans, were movie directors Joel and Ethan Coen in 2016 during an interview in Variety all understand that there is no sequel comes on their succesfilm from 1998. Still got the world last night, yet again the actor in the familiar, shabby sweater, and sunglasses “The Dude”.

“Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay Tuned,” writes Bridges among the 15 seconds short video. Just a few seconds we see the now gray – Jeff Lebowski in the frame, with a short laugh. Then we see the date February 3, 2019 appear in the image.

The chance seems small that on that date a Lebowski-sequel comes out. 3 February is the date of the Super Bowl – the final of the American football, one of the most watched tv broadcasts of the year in the United States. The event is in addition to the sporting element is also known for the long reclamepauze, in which advertisers are invariably of their most creative side to show. To that commercial and the halftime show by the tv audience also eagerly awaited. Possible knew one of the advertisers this year so Jeff Bridges to individuals. Companies count year after year of extremely high amounts down during the Super Bowl with their commercials to be broadcast.

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