Despite doubts would also like to congratulate our country Tshisekedi

fc190fa8e2b9947dc71025fb7377e458 - Despite doubts would also like to congratulate our country Tshisekedi

Despite the doubts about the proper conduct of the elections, our country congratulations sent to the new Congolese president, Félix Tshisekedi.

“We have the new president congratulations sent. We certainly have many doubts about the electoral process, but the important thing now is to see if the policy is going to change, ” says minister of Foreign Affairs Reynders (MR).

He points out that the new president has promised to all political prisoners.

“We will in the coming weeks and months, or the way the country is run for the population in the favourable change. Congo is a very rich country with regard to raw materials, but a lot of people live in poverty, ” says Reynders.

The Belgian minister of Foreign Affairs stresses that it is important to Congo again good relations is linked with the European Union. Just before the elections, Bart Ouvry, the Belgian diplomat who is the EU ambassador in the Congo, the country turned off.

Yesterday put Tshisekedi the oath as president. He has received the support and recognition, particularly in China and Russia. They hesitated not for a moment to the future president to congratulate. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have been a good relationship with Kabila. As long as they are an affordable way to access the kobalthandel – crucial for rechargeable batteries – they are happy with the new constellation.

Also the governments of South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Burundi are supporting the new Congolese president, and hope their investments in the Congo to secure.

Even Europe and the EU member states, chose the last day for the realpolitik. The European Union took on a supercooled ‘act’ of Tshisekedi’s presidency but withdrew the validity of the elections is not in doubt. France, which initially bright criticised the controversial election results, sent its ambassador to the swearing-in. In Washington D. C. it was to hear that the Tshisekedi-presidency ‘welcomed’.

Our country sent yesterday a time. But now, me the congratulations, a small step to rapprochement.

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