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Bizarre details in the case of disappeared footballer Emiliano Sala: “Pilot was to be no paying passengers”

There are more and more bizarre details in the mysterious disappearance of the footballer Emiliano Sala. The pilot of the single engine plane that Sala Monday from Nantes to Cardiff had to bring, and above sea of the radar, disappeared, had no license to be paid to carry passengers, so made the British quality newspaper The Times on Friday on the authority of the British aviation authority FAA known.

According to the newspaper, the 59-year-old David Ibbotson only have a license as a private pilot, which there’s no paying passengers may be carried. Confirmation of this is not yet.

Previously revealed local newspaper, the Grimsby Telegraph that Ibbotson, an engineer, a lot had experience with the control of planes for paratroopers, but not with the landing system. English media is circulating a screenshot of a Facebook message that the father of three children a few days before his plane from the radar disappeared would have posted. Therein named Ibbotson himself ‘a bit rusty’ – the countries with landing system ILS didn’t go so very smoothly. The message would have been posted after the pilot for the first time from Cardiff to Nantes flight. ILS, an abbreviation for Instrument Landing System, helps the pilot to find out the ideal line for the run of a landing.

Search halted

The search for the missing footballer and the pilot was Thursday stopped. “There is nothing more we can do. The chances of survival in this stage is extremely small,” said harbour master, David Barker. “Despite all our efforts, we have no trace of the plane, the pilot or the passenger found.”

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