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Binance opened an OTC Trading Desk – Boost for Bitcoin?

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Binance opened an OTC Trading Desk – Boost for Bitcoin?

Home News Binance opened an OTC Trading Desk – Boost for Bitcoin?

Marcel Knobloch –

The crypto market has been waiting for the continuing correction on an event, a new crypto-spring heralds. One of the largest Exchanges in the world, Binance, has yesterday given the go-ahead for the OTC trading.

Binance the stock exchange with the largest trading volume in the world and has started a Crypto-to-Crypto-Over-the-Counter Trading Desk. This allows traders to transactions with a large volume of easy, fast and secure via your Binance accounts.

Binance that users of the platform need to have to go through the verification process and at least level 2. Furthermore, a minimum trade is set to a volume of 20 BTC, so this new Service can be used by Binance officially. In the past other heavyweights of the financial industry had set up an OTC Trading Desk. This includes Coinbase, Goldman Sachs or eToro.

Circle was in the year 2018, the Balance of your OTC to have a Desk worth more than 24 billion US dollars. According to recent studies, Big players have opted for the OTC-trading the classic crypto-trade, since in this case, specifically for your needs tailor-made solutions are provided. Only a secure Trading environment, but also the subsequently bomb-proof storage of large amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital Assets that is not part of. Studies of Diar describe that the use of the OTC trade will rise further this year (freely translated):

The trade with institutional crypto-currencies to traditional stock exchanges, has lost some of its volume, since Bitcoin is welcomed this year, in large Portfolios. 2019 will be online.

Experts in the industry (e.g., CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao) to see 2018 as a “correction year” and to be expected for 2019, with a continuing upward adaptation, and thus also the rise in the price behaviour of Bitcoin and co. in 2018 have been so many Bitcoin ATMs than ever before and the spread and acceptance of crypto-currencies is increasing in ever-wider layers of the society.

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