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AA Gent coach Jess Thorup Sunday against KV Kortrijk immediately have wintertransfer Roman Bezus

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“If you look back at the game against Oostende, you can only decide that it is a very strange contest was” kicked Jess Thorup in the afternoon an open door in the Ghent oefencomplex. “It has taken me the past night, but still take time to determine exactly what happened. I spoke this morning with the boys. We all knew that this was a very important match. But if you make certain decisions saw on the field was not what I was hoping for.”

In addition, there is still an important statistic that Thorup clearly troubling: “We took since I joined this club came five red cards in fourteen duels, and that is where we should even talk about it. That can happen, and given the circumstances we could at Ostend, that party certainly have lost. But we continued to fight and even with nine against eleven, we spent a nice football and we could indeed get results. We keep a view on the final.”

Especially in the opening stages it seemed that the Buffalo’s a bit surprised by the fierce approach of Ostend and it wasn’t just before they are really the party in the hands could take: “Before there was much talk about the importance of that match. Maybe wanted our guys like to win and then you think too much after and you don’t play as otherwise. That was successful and we could also score. But those two tegentreffers are of course quite annoying, especially because they are brief, after an own goal to follow. That is a mental aspect that we urgently need to address. If you score, you have normal the momentum is in the hands but we seem to just constantly go into spasm.”

Then founded Thorup is again on the following command of the Buffalo, the duel on a visit at Kortrijk and his predecessor Yves Vanderhaeghe: “This is a great opportunity to see how the team responds to a succession of duels. And in addition, we also a few days before an important bekerreturn. but everyone feels ready, We want our place in the top six.”

Odjidja is back

Thorup can Sunday night, do not rely on the suspended Esiti but you must have dial Odjidja. The Dane focuses mainly on the return of his experienced extension on the field: “I always look at who is there. Never to anyone I miss. Of course it is not easy if you Esiti fog but with Smith and Verstraete I have other options. It is then up to them to prove themselves, that’s why I especially the emphasis put on the recovery of Vadis because he is there on Sunday.”

No wonder because Odjidja is almost indispensable in Ghent: “Vadis Odjidja paints our vision in our football. He always has a foot in our attacks, often that is not the final pass but he creates space for his soldiers. And that you have so desperately needed in certain duels. Often, he opted for a one-on-one. In addition, there is also his experience, and he is therefore so important for our team.” Meanwhile, it also became known that the third winteraankoop of AA Gent, Roman Bezus, this weekend speelgerechtigd is for the Buffalo’s.

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