VTM is thirty years and celebrates

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VTM fourth Wednesday night of his thirtieth anniversary in the pop-uptheater of Studio 100 in Puurs, where the musical 40-45 runs. The tv show that on February 1, on the tube, was recorded. VTM-faces blikten on the red carpet on the way to the recording studio and back on thirty years of tv history.

“The arrival of VTM thirty years ago was a turning point. Everything was gray and a bit predictable, and VTM has, literally, color and motion in the Flemish media landscape,” said Luc Allo. “My first contribution was editorial work behind the scenes at the legendary, ground-breaking program ‘Jambers’. Truly pioneering work: sm, alcoholism was discussed. I see there is still some nostalgia on the back.”

Also Wendy is a sight to behold come the memories of her first contribution. “My first involvement was as an actress, in the program ‘Master’ of Frank Dingenen and then I got immediately an exclusivity contract of Mike and Guido. They have a lot of opportunities given to me. I’m on the train of ‘Ten To See’ jump and ‘Who is the husband of Wendy?’ was a programme which almost every episode more than one million viewers attracted.”

‘Jambers’ is often mentioned as a program that is memorable, but also ‘Goedele’. Goedele Liekens: “I hope that we are a tiny pebble in the river, making the water a little bit in a different direction is going to flow: that we people have learned to speak about emotions, about difficult topics, such as children for adoption, suicide. I found that as a psychologist, of course, to do that, but that was all new and really not easy then.”

VTM is entertainment but also information. Also, the anchors and journalists attended the verjaardagsshow. Dany Verstraeten explains what VTM News, according to him, has changed: “in Terms of choice of subject, we have the registry is completely pulled out. We brought immediately a lot more than only political and socio-economic topics. This was our innovation, besides, we also have speed in the news.”

On 1 February, the show comes on tv, day on day, thirty years after the start of the transmitter.

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