‘Undercover’, ‘Taboo’ and ‘water’ was nominated for Cinequest

e6dc40cc5d04e6600229b45de37104b4 - ‘Undercover’, ‘Taboo’ and ‘water’ was nominated for Cinequest

The One programme’s Undercover, Taboo and water are selected for the 29th edition of the renowned Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, one of the most important American festivals that annually take place in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley.

In the category ‘Television series, long-form take the three programs against The Blackout from Russia, M from Argentina/USA, and Joe all alone from the United Kingdom. One drag so the half of the nominations in this category in the wait. Cinequest runs from 5 to 17 march. The prices of Cinequest during the closing ceremony on march 17, awarded. Then it is clear or Undercover, Taboo or Over water their nomination can redeem.


In the ten-part fiction series Undercover, which is from February 24, to Single, play Tom Waes and Anna Drijver two agents with a dangerous mission. Their target is the Dutchman, Ferry Bouman, one of the largest ECSTASY-producers in the world. He lives in a villa in the province of Limburg, but during the weekends and holidays in a chalet on a campsite near his house. The Belgian police are installing two undercover cops, a man and woman that a couple should play, on the campsite to make contact and the XTC network to infiltrate.

Undercover is a set of production house The People for One, in collaboration with Proximus, Gardner and Domm, Netflix, Source Investments/DFW, Federation Entertainment, ZDF, Good Friends, and the Tax Shelter measure of the federal government.

About Water
In water will the former tv star John Beckers of his wife Susan and their two children, a last chance to get his life back on track. After a stay in the rehab clinic he goes, therefore, with renewed courage, the battle in the harbour, the family company from his father-in-law. John fights against his old demons and face new temptations, but comes quickly in the circuit of the most dangerous and lucratiefste trade by the docks: cocaine.

Water is a production by Kato Maes for Panenka, in co-production with One. Water is sold internationally by ZDF Enterprises, and was made possible by the support of the VAF/media Fund of Flemish minister of Media Sven Gatz.


In the much-talked about Taboo, that in the spring of 2018 was One, laughs Philippe Geubels with people where you actually are not allowed to laugh. But he does, of course, not without extensive preliminary study.

Under the motto “you learn each other it is best to know on vacation”, invites Philippe each week for four guests in his permanent holiday home in Westouter: people with an incurable illness, people with physical disabilities, blind and partially-sighted people, people with obesity, people living in poverty, lesbian, gay, bisexual, people of color, and people with a psychological vulnerability. He listens to their stories and sensitivities, to explore together with them the area and teaching them to especially really good to know.

It doesn’t stop there: also, humour is an important part of Taboo. So challenges Philippe guests to use during their holiday week itself the street with a hidden camera, what to very funny situations. He also brings a comedy set about the conscious theme with his new friends prominently on the first row of a room full of peers.

Taboo is a production of Panenka, directed by Cat Steppe.

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