Ultimate rescue attempt: miners descend to two-year Julen search

465ce087ec5c6c2442c1cbb3d6d0944d - Ultimate rescue attempt: miners descend to two-year Julen search

The Spanish toddler Julen (2) is already eleven days disappeared in a deep shaft in the Spanish mountain village of Totalán. Rescuers take everything out of the cabinet to the toddler to find: technicians working on a special elevator.

When the father, a fire made, and the mother’s phone was, it disappeared the 2-year-old Julen just out of their sight. Workers were hesitant at first, but in that time would be the toddler in a shaft of less than 25 to 30 centimetres wide have fallen. That tube was 107 feet deep. According to rescuers, the boy would be located 70 to 80 metres in depth.

After eleven days, the rescuers now for an additional, ultimate exhaustion. A specially designed lift was this afternoon in the shaft that the miners on the descent could begin, writes El País. “There is a system fitted to the lift quickly off the shaft to remove in an emergency situation,” says Julian Moreno, one of the firemen on the spot.

With cables showed the rescuers the metal capsule in the shaft pockets. That is 1.05 meters wide and 2.5 meters high, enough for two adults and a small package of rescue equipment. There is also sufficient space in the duct to the toddler. On the floor is a grate that can be removed. It may have 500 kilograms of earth, for the case where there is still ground to be weggeschept to Julen to get.

The miners in the Cerro de la Corona expect to have about four meters of additional tunnel will go. Currently drop two miners in the shaft. They work two to four hours and are then interspersed by colleagues.

‘Everything they can’

“It would be a pity if all this been for nothing,” says Santiago Suárez (54), one of the miners, to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. “We do everything we can to get the boy out. The rescue team is one big family. We must rely on each other trust.’

At 20.30 hours there will be a vigil held in the city. There, the family has asked for it. The wake should be ” force jails to the miners, Julen and the parents.” “It is probably the last night that he is,” says Juan José Cortés to El Periodico.

The reddingswerken went the past couple of days proved to be more difficult than expected, as did the presence of a large rock under the ground the past weekend additional delay. Tuesday turned out that the parallel vertical shaft to be tilted was dug, making the tubes that the pit against collapse need to protect somewhere in the middle were caught.

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