Turkey and Iran support Maduro

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Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan supports his Venezuelan ambtsgenoot Nicolas Maduro, the opposition and Washington to the output is pushed. Also Iran supports the president of Venezuela. Moscow has criticized the response of western countries to the crisis in Venezuela.

“Brother Maduro, keep the head straight, Turkey is at your side’, said the Turkish staatsleider Erdogan during a telephone conversation with Maduro, says the spokesman of the Turkish presidency, Ibrahim Kalin.

Maduro and Erdogan have been for some years close ties. During a state visit to the Venezuelan capital Caracas in december, Erdogan his support for Maduro pronounced, against the U.s. sanctions that the country had been imposed. Also committed to the Turkish president to Maduro, to help the economic crisis in his country head on.


Also Iran supports Maduro and condemns the fact that opposition leader and president Juan Guaidó himself president ad interim has been named. ‘Iran supports the government and people of Venezuela against illegal acts, such as couppogingen and foreign interference in the domestic affairs of the country, ” said Bahram Ghassemi, spokesman of the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs. Tehran hopes of a peaceful solution to the political crisis, said the spokesman.


Moscow gives in the meantime, criticism of the attitude of the western countries. “The events currently in Venezuela playing, clearly show the attitude of the progressive international community against the international law, the sovereignty and not to interfere with the internal affairs of a country where the government wants to change’, said the spokeswoman of the Russian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thirteen dead in protests

President Guaidó called himself Wednesday to interim president. He did that for tens of thousands of supporters in Caracas protested against the second mandate of Maduro. The US, the EU and a large part of the international community to recognize Maduro. Washington and its allies in the region, such as Brazil and Colombia, recognize the legitimacy of Guaidó. The European Union called on the voice of the people to hear and free elections to organize.

The protests are already thirteen people to the life to come, says the human rights organization Observatorio Venezolano de Conflictivididad Social (OVCS). According to the human rights organisation Foro Penal were also 109 people arrested.

Venezuela, once the richest country of South America, is due to mismanagement, corruption and falling oil prices in a major economic and humanitarian crisis ended. The hyperinflation in Venezuela in 2019 up to 10 million percent, predicts the IMF. The current number of refugees (3 million) may the coming years be doubled, predict experts. Scarcity and hunger will continue to increase.

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