Temptation Chloe under fire

91bd708f3b24c2c887088353e61fab5d - Temptation Chloe under fire

Former Temptation Island contestant Chloe Vrancken is in close shoes. The temptress would have been found guilty of defrauding single women. Vrancken denies strongly, according to TV Family. Chloe launched her own brand of clothing and put a shop on. To her collection to bring attention switched Chloe to a number of models. One of them now says that they by Vrancken were ripped off. “We would have a year model for Chloës collection and we would have a nice fee, But Chloe has used us and lied to. According to us she has this well figured out. Suddenly blew them all off. So to speak, because they felt that they better themselves is a model for her clothing. But we had her collection already in the spotlight, without a single euro to have been given.”

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