Suske and Wiske want the plasticsoep way!

In the new Suske and Wiske album ‘Lambic Plastic search our comic book heroes, a solution for the plasticsoep in the oceans. A current theme where they are at Standard Publishing Comics like attention. In the strip is an additional file on the plasticsoep.

When Suske and Wiske a beached whale rescue that after eating plastic litter, sick, decisions Lambic and professor Barabas to find a solution for the plasticsoep in our oceans. Polly Ettileen, a plasticfabrikante with an unhealthy love for the material, hijacks the invention and to fit these so that they are in the world in plastic can change. Fortunately, Suske and Wiske behind the evil plans of plastic Polly, and they put everything on the line to stop her. A fun story about a harsh reality that our comic book heroes would like to indicate in an additional file.

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