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Sunflowers Van Gogh may not have more travel

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The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has decided to create his famous painting ‘Sunflowers’ is no more to borrow. Research has shown that the piece in ‘stable but vulnerable’ condition.

‘For that reason, we have decided that Sunflowers are not more travel’, according to museum director Axel Rüger. “This masterpiece from the collection is now at home in Amsterdam, where everyone’s every day come to admire.’

According to the director, it is the job of the museum to the painting for the future to keep it. ‘As a result, it must be in a stable environment remain. Vibration can be very harmful, just as differences in climate.’ The cloth, which in the past six times it was lent, is now getting a slight facelift to the particular aesthetic to improve.


The painting, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) a year and a half before his death made, it is not currently visible for the public. An international team has done an extensive investigation of the condition of the canvas and previous restorations. According to senior restorer René month we have the bride, it is not possible to get the yellowed and soiled varnish layers to remove. However, he now has a whitish waxy layer removed, and he works some discoloration.

From 22 February is the painting for everyone to see and the museum is in June with an exhibition about the research and the restoration. The research, in which use was made of the latest techniques, according to the museum director a lot of new insights about the history of the painting.

Five versions

Van Gogh made several paintings of a huge bunch of sunflowers in a vase, the five existing versions are spread over three continents in five museums, from Philadelphia to Tokyo.

The painting, Sunflowers by Van Gogh in 1888 produced and in The National Gallery in London hangs, will soon be a distant journey. It is in 2020, against the background of the Olympic Games, displayed in museums in the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Osaka.

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