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Spectacle between AA Ghent and Ostend ends at 2-2

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In the Croky Cup is also fun. That has proven to be AA Ghent and Ostend Thursday night in their first leg of the semi-finals of the Belgian cup, thus. A real spectacle in the Ghelamco Arena ended 2-2. AA Gent played an hour with a man less after direct red cards for Plastun (28th minute) and Rosted (54th minute), KV Oostende was Aristote Nkaka (59th minute) with two yellow cards sent off the field. The Buffalo’s were twice ahead thanks to goals Roman Yaremchuk and Dylan Bronn, but the visitors took as much time two minutes later the same. The second leg in Oostende next week is completely open. In the other semi-final played KV Mechelen and Union yesterday 0-0 equal.

Of the heaven in the hell, on a football pitch is a short road with no purgatory in between. AA Gent west end to be perfectly on schedule when Yaremchuk something about halfway through the first half, the 1-0 against the nets headed in reference to Sorloth. The Norwegian mercenary of Crystal Palace if half of the goal on its account. He loved The Bock to the talk, put him on the wrong leg so that he with his good left could continue and delivered a perfect assist. The two strikers have found each other, they celebrated the goal by the chest against each other to jump. In the Gent’s locker room were jars of rice pudding with golden spoons put.

But Tom De Sutter sent the Buffalo’s of the heaven to the hell. Three minutes after the 1-0, he made the same. The 33-year-old striker went well in a duel with Bronn and punished an unfortunate mistake of Souquet -the Frenchman dropped the ball of the knee jump – mercilessly. The Sutter would be the Buffalo’s two minutes later, all the way to hell send by a smart loopactie the poor Plastun in the trapping. The Sutter crossed and the Oekraïner hit him as the last man (light). The Sutter went to the ground and Dierick didn’t hesitate for a second when he went to his back pocket and pulled: red. Thorup brought Rosted and continued with four at the back play. The Buffalo dragged the rest.

Also hilarious second half

Ghent-coach Jess Thorup took in the rest David to the side and brought Verstraete, Dejaegere went on the ten play. AA Gent had in the rest of the heads together, but it was such an evening on which nothing plans fell. After 53 minutes, picked up AA Gent already had a second red card. While the ball was outside, made Rosted a kicking motion to Coopman, which was previously around the neck of Rosted had hung. Natrappen ruled Dierick. Some will say that it is a heavy verdict was, but this was just stupid of Rosted. Now it seemed the ship all to sink for the Buffalo, but five minutes later the red map of Rosted neutralized because Nkaka his second yellow picked up.

The Buffalo’s crawled all the way from hell when Bronn -again, he – in the last quarter in two times a free kick in the goal poeierde: 2-1. The Ghelamco Arena is wrong again in high spirits thanks to the ministering angel Bronn.

But The Bock sent the Buffalo’s be back the flames with the 2-2. The goal was a result of the man less, because there was no Buffalo to The Bock something in the way.

AA Gent, advance the favorite in this semifinal, Wednesday next week is full to the bak in Ostend. The Kustboys have a good starting position is acquired. In addition, miss AA Gent by suspending two central defenders: Plastun and Rosted. The Buffalo ended the match still in hell, swearing was allowed.

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