Sharp Thyssen: “In the EU are no children second class’

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European Commissioner for Social Affairs Marianne Thyssen (CD&V) start an infringement procedure against Austria due to the discrimination against workers from other EU member states.

Since 1 January the Austrian government, child benefit and a range of tax deductions depending on the standard of living in the EU member states. This means that EU-citizens in Austria and work as local employees neat of taxes and contributions for social security pay, fewer benefits would be received because their children are in a different (and poorer) member state life.

Especially workers from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania are the victims.

‘Our single market is based on equal treatment, ” says Thyssen. “There are no workers second-class in the EU. When mobile workers in the same way, contributions to the social security system and, as local workers, they must share the same benefits – even if their children live somewhere else. There are no children in second class in the EU.’

Austria violates the measure, the rules concerning the coordination of social security systems. Those rules prohibit discrimination on the basis of nationality.

Thyssen, the Austrian government formally informed and will be starting with the infringement proceedings. Vienna gets in first two months to meet the concerns of the Commission to meet and the legislation to apply.

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