Scottish ex-prime minister Alex Salmond arrested

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Alex Salmond, the former prime minister of Scotland, is arrested and need to mon morning for the court appearance.

The Scottish police confirm that a 64-year-old man is arrested and charged. A judicial source tells Reuters that it is Salmond.

Which the indictment, exactly, is not known. Be carried out the police investigation of complaints of unacceptable behaviour. Salmond has that accusations always denied.

The Scottish government sent its latest report on possible sexual misconduct in August last year to the police. The ex-premier found that the government’s case unfairly had addressed.

On August 19, stepped Salmond from the Scottish National Party (SNP) because he is the party would not divide on the issue. He was a 45 year member of the party, sat twenty years in parliament, and was for seven years prime minister of Scotland.

Two female ex-employees accuse Salmond of sexual harassment. He / she would indecently groped in 2013, when he was still prime minister. Everything happened in his office.

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