New Congolese president is unwell during inauguration, calls for national unity

66447733f1df5339164cd037cc4579a4 - New Congolese president is unwell during inauguration, calls for national unity

The new president of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi has Thursday after his swearing-in called for national unity. That swearing was briefly interrupted, after Tshisekedi unwell had become – according to his spokesperson, due to a tight bullet-proof vest.

“We want to build a strong Congo, with great attention to peace and security,” said Tshisekedi in his inaugural speech, which he by thousands of supporters at the presidential palace was welcomed. ‘Congo must be a country where everyone’s place.”

The ceremony in which Tshisekedi, the oath was briefly interrupted, because he became unwell. After a brief pause, turned Tshisekedi, however, returned to the stage. He said that he was exhausted by the elections, and overwhelmed was touched by the emotion of the moment. A spokesman of the new Congolese president said to the news agency Reuters that ” his bullet-proof vest too tight was.

Further promised Tshisekedi, all the political prisoners will be set free. “The minister of Justice is empowered to compile a list of all political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, or like-minded people, on the whole territory with a view to their release,” he said.

The election of Tshisekedi went hand in hand with large irregularities. According to observers, is the won to Martin Fayulu, a other oppositiekandidaat. Who had previously appealed to the Congolese Constitutional Court, because Tshisekedi’s profit, according to him, is not the result of the elections, but of a achterkamerdeal between former president Joseph Kabila and Tshisekedi. Nevertheless, it confirmed the Constitutional Court in the night from Saturday to Sunday, the victory of Tshisekedi.

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