Linde Merckpoel overjoyed with carriereswitch

5b457b7a5e68f70c57a5aaefbb66eb36 - Linde Merckpoel overjoyed with carriereswitch

Earlier this week it became known that Linde Merckpoel stop with radio. They start from 4 February with the video project #Linde. “The past few years I’ve discovered that I really like with the camera work, nosy and like to buitenkom. Thanks to my vlogs, that I have the past years should make for Studio Brussels, I me on that just a bit can develop. But ‘#Linde will be of a very different order,” she says in The Latest News. “Because I like good films, we aim for one video every two weeks. I mostly have the feeling that this is all just a little less non-committal than my vlogs. For example, a report about Aalst Carnival – where my best friend like crazy, but I don’t so much have – interspersed with a repo on the crisis surrounding the Rohingya. For something like this you need to the bottom and there you will have time for that. That I kind of do and also get paid for word: top.”

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