Karolien Debecker on Thursday With Jan

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Thursday you on One watch episode 5 of On the Road With Jan.
Jan draws with radiomaakster Karolien Debecker (39) to Morocco, a country that’s very different with women – and holebirechten deal than we are. Karolien wants to be there with open mind to discover where the differences are, and how they themselves feel. Karolien and Jan have a lot to share, and they tease each other from the first minute. The two strong personalities are well matched. Karolien is not really served the traditional role patterns, and that they should let Jan know. But the journey is more than just laughter and banter: Karolien says Jan candidly about the shame that she felt when she was younger and out of the closet. They have also about her cancer and the prosthesis, and the premature birth of her son. Samuel came 3 months too early on the world and took the but just. For Jan, himself also a father, a gripping story.

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