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Is this the future of Formula 1?

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The Formula 1 in 2050?

McLaren Applied Technologies (MAT), let us see how the Formula 1 and within thirty years.

No need to explain that the industry is facing enormous challenges, the self-propelled car is no longer merely something we in science fiction films and electric drive seems to be the future of motoring. MATT with the help of these trends in the future a picture to try to paint what impact that will have on Formula 1.
“The concept has been developed by taking into account the international agreements as it is about driving electric and the emissiedoelen, the developments of the technology for human as well as auto, the emergence of fast growing economies and attracting a more diverse fan base,” said MATT.
There was also appeal to students of the most prestigious universities to go deeper on certain issues. MATT based his research around four central themes.
The car
The MCLExtreme is an electric rear-wheel drive monster that has a top speed allows recording of up to five hundred kilometers per hour. There will be made actively changing aerodynamics, self-healing tires, and the rider will have the assistance of a co-pilot with artificial intelligence.

The circuit
The circuits are longer and wider with curves. There will be E-pitlanes are to reload, transparent roofs so that the spectators as close as possible to the spectacle. The circuits are also adaptable to the weather, and there are also so-called ” black-out-parts,’ as will the rider no assistance from the AI or be able to communicate.

The rider
The rider will have a G-suit to the body to protect him against the extremely high speeds. The AI co-pilot will be the behavior of the rider monitor and have him assist during a race. The emotions be reflected on the chassis of the car and the performance will depend on the knowledge, the emotions and the psychological response.

The fans
The fans will be able to sympathize with the riders because of the huge variety of cameras that he’s decision will have. E-athletes will have the chance to live in the race to virtually compete. Gamers will also have on the GP racing for the AI system to the new strategies to learn.

?The images that McLaren on the us release seem to be from the distant future to come and they also seem to be unfeasible for 2050 but there they are in Woking still not so sure.
?“This is a tremendously exciting vision that inspires thought, one that also takes into account the vision of the fans, university students, McLaren-riders and our talented team at MAT,” said Rodi Basso, head of the motorsportafdeling of MAT.
?“We hope that this debate will stimulate about how the motorcycle will react to the technology and the sport-amusementsfactor so that we know what the fans want.”

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