Honorary Magritte for filmmaker Raoul Servais

220ca70f44071606f1c8882dfbd1c85d - Honorary Magritte for filmmaker Raoul Servais

Raoul Servais, filmmaker and pioneer of the Belgian animated film, will be on 2 February, during the ceremony of the Magritte awards, the Honorary Magritte for his entire oeuvre. That have today, the Académie André Delvaux and the RTBF reported.

Despite his age – he is 90 – buzzing born Oostendenaar still of energy and he has projects in the pipeline. He recently published ‘L’Eternel Présent (The Present Eternity), a philosophical novel, which he self of illustrations is provided. In the Ostend museum Mu.The SEA has recently been a wing opened dedicated to his work.

Servais studied at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Ghent, where he specialized in large-scale paintings and where he is in the ban hit of René Magritte, who he supported in the achievement of his gigantic fresco Le Domaine Enchanté’ for the casino of Knokke. During those studies it was also his passion for the animated film.

With his debut film, ‘Les Lumières du Port’, won Servais right away the first prize at the National Festival of Belgian Cinema in Antwerp. His international breakthrough came in 1965 with ‘Chromophobia’. The biggest fame he gained with the short animated film ‘Harpya’, who gets in Cannes the Golden Palm produce, and his first movie ‘Taxandria’ (1994), a combination of animation and live action.

With his honorary Magritte occurs Raoul Servais in the footsteps of Sandrine Bonnaire, André Dussolier, Vincent Lindon, Pierre Richard, Emir Kusturica, Costantin Costa-Gavras, Nathalie Baye and André Delvaux.

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