Four Flemish productions to Cinequest Festival in San Jose

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Four Flemish productions have an invitation in his pocket for the 29th edition of the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, a renowned American festival that takes place every year in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley. It comes to One-programs ‘Taboo’, ‘Water’ and ‘Undercover’, and the feature film ‘Trio’ of Matteo Simoni, Ruth Beeckmans and Bruno Vanden Broecke. Report this to the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF) and One today.

The three television productions have been nominated in the category “Television Series, Long-Form”. That is half of the nominations in that category.

‘Taboo’ was in the spring of 2018 to see it on One. In the program, directed by Kat Steppe, laughs Philippe Geubels with people where you actually are not allowed to laugh. People with a physical disability or a psychological vulnerability, for example, but also people living in poverty or with a different skin color. Geubels invites them, listening to their stories and sensitivities, and then brings a comedy set on the theme with his new friends prominently on the first row of a room full of peers.

‘About Water’, just as ‘Taboo’ from the production company Panenka, since december 2018 weekly to see on One. The series, written by Tom Lenaerts and Paul Baeten Gronda, is about the former tv star John Beckers, his wife Susan and their two children, a last chance to get his life back on track.

‘Undercover’, from production company of The People, from the 24th of February for ten weeks to see One. Tom Waes and Anna Drijver play two cops with a dangerous mission. Their target is the Dutchman, Ferry Bouman, one of the largest ECSTASY-producers in the world. The recordings for a second season to go in the summer to start.

‘Trio’ is a film adaptation of the stage play, ‘Attach’ Stefaan van Brabandt, which Matteo Simoni, Ruth Beeckmans and Bruno Vanden Broecke in 2016 by Flanders touring. The film at Cinequest its North American premiere as part of the Official Dramatic Feature Competition. “Trio” is on 13 February in the Belgian cinemas.

The Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival runs from 5 to 17 march. The prices during the closing ceremony on march 17, awarded.

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