Extreme heat in Australia: dozens of wild horses dehydrated found

The extreme heat wave in Australia has lead to the death of more than 90 wild horses led. Also other animals to see.

The horses were found in a dried-up waterhole near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. About forty horses were already of thirst and hunger, died. The horses that die after death, were later killed.

Rangers found the horses after the local community, their absence was noted.

A local resident describes the scene as a ‘massacre’. “I was devastated,” he says to the BBC. ‘Something I had never seen before.’

Rohan Smyth tells ABC that the place normal water is. “The horses were not going anywhere.’

Also other animals. Earlier there were messages from a massasterfte of bats in New South Wales. There are also a million dead fish found along river banks.

The extreme heat wave that Australia is already two weeks ravaging in the country, dozens of records broken. Thursday the city of Adelaide, its hottest temperature ever measured: 46,2 degrees. The previous record dated back to 1939.

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