Doomsday Clock strikes two for twelve: ‘We are like passengers on the Titanic’

c00a3a79311d89b53adc17e60f8814de - Doomsday Clock strikes two for twelve: ‘We are like passengers on the Titanic’

The world – symbolically – still two minutes away from the apocalypse, say atoomwetenschappers.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved the big hand of the ‘doomsday clock’ – which indicates just how far the world is removed from the total destruction – not closer to twelve hours. The clock strikes for the second year in a row, two for twelve. Again see the future of the world more gloomy than the past 70 years.

Since the clock in 1947 was conceived, she was but one time equally close to the hour of the apocalypse. That was in 1953, at the height of the Cold War. The main reason for the pessimism was the hydrogen bomb, which both the US and the Soviet Union at that time tests carried out.

The group of prominent American scientists, calls the predicament of the world ‘the new abnormal’. The arguments that the scientists cite the lifting of international wapenverdragen, the intention of the US and Russia to keep their nuclear arsenal and modernize it – instead of dismantle – and the lack of political will to the climate change.

“We are like passengers of the Titanic,” says Jerry Brown, the former governor of the U.s. state of California, and chairman. ‘We ignore the iceberg that lies ahead of us, but we enjoy good food and music. “We need to wake up, people.”

Tap tap tap

The Doomsday Clock is a metaphor for how bad the world is, by, for example, nuclear power, climate change, or political leaders. The clock shows how close humanity to its own destruction. It is, as it were, a symbolic “countdown” to the end of the world. The clock at midnight, then will the human civilization a fatal disaster to undergo or breaks the Apocalypse.

In 2017 went the clock from 3 to 2.5 minutes, in the previous year of 5 to 3. In previous vintages were the hands, sometimes also not shifted or even reversed in time. So was the clock in 2010 from 5 to 6 minutes before midnight. The scientists believed then that the diplomatic talks between the U.S. and Russia the chance of a nuclear war verkleinden.

The farthest from midnight – 17 minutes for the twelve – was the clock in 1991, after the end of the Cold War, when the US and Russia of their nuclear arsenal afbouwden.

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