Ceo Airbus delivers fierce criticism on Brexit

466131e295fc5cd2bdd918d77f6d9189 - Ceo Airbus delivers fierce criticism on Brexit

The chief of the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has strongly criticised the Brexit. According to Tom Enders, can Airbus be forced to forego future investments in Britain if there is a ‘no deal’-Brexit, or can Airbus even decide out of the country to leave. ‘Airbus will grow whatever the outcome will be.’

According to the ceo threatening Brexit a century of development based on education, research and human capital. “If there is a no-deal Brexit, we will at Airbus potentially very harmful decisions to make for the United Kingdom,” said Enders in a video message. ‘Please listen not to the insanity of the Brexiteers who claim that, because we have here huge factories, we will not move, and here we always will be. They have wrong.”

‘Of course it is not possible for our large factories to pick up and immediately have to go to other places in the world to move,” said Enders. But the president had clearly indicated that his company in other countries would invest if there is a no-deal Brexit. ‘Make no mistake, there are plenty of countries like that, the wings for Airbus want to build.’


“It is a shame that more than two years after the result of the referendum in 2016, companies still not have a decent plan for the future’. According to Enders also want other companies like clarity. He did also a call for a pragmatic proposal for a British exit from the European Union.

The global market for air travel grows each year by five percent, says Enders. ‘But we are not dependent on the Uk for our future. Airbus will grow whatever the outcome will be. The question is whether the United Kingdom desire to be part of that success?’

Unsalted opinion

Enders gave more, his unsalted opinion about the Brexit. Airbus makes more wings for aircraft in Britain, and it has 14,000 people in the service. The company creates a lot of indirect employment.

Airbus describes the Uk as ‘one of the four markets. The current European aircraft manufacturer is the result of the merger of aircraft manufacturers from France, Germany and Spain, but also has a great British history. Airbus has a major factory in north Wales where the wings for its aircraft. The British presence in the ownership structure of Airbus ended in 2006, when BAE Systems sold its stake in Airbus-precursor of EADS.

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