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Bitcoin ETF: CBOE withdraw the application temporarily – Coin Hero

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Bitcoin ETF: CBOE withdraw the application temporarily

Home News Bitcoin ETF: CBOE pulls the request temporarily

Marcus Misiak –

The greatest hope of the crypto-currency community in a Bitcoin ETF was yesterday dashed or at least delayed, after the CBOE has withdrawn its request for the inclusion of the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust in the CBOE BZX Exchange.

It was expected that the SEC on the 27. February would make its final decision on the physically supported Bitcoin-based ETF, and after a decision has already been made on several occasions had to be postponed. However, the voices that the continued Shutdown “to the US government” by President Trumps the building of the wall to Mexico, the approval of the Bitcoin ETFs will always be less likely to be increased in the last few days.

According to a document released by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday moved the CBOE now your request for the inclusion of the physically secured Bitcoin ETFs on the 22. January back. The Letter, which was attributed to the Deputy SEC-Secretary, Eduardo A. Aleman, said, first of all, why is the CBOE withdrew the request. A little later, after the publication of the document, tweet VanEcks Gabor Gurbacts, however, that the Bitcoin ETF application “had been temporarily back”.

We actively cooperate with regulatory authorities and key market participants in order to create a suitable market structure is the framework for a Bitcoin ETF, and digital Assets in General.

In the CNBC show “the ETF Edge,” said VanEcks namesake and managing Director Jan Van Eck, his Partner and the crypto Department were due to the government shutdown in the talks with the SEC over market manipulation, storage, lack of liquidity and other concerns continue. And as such, the partners met to decide that a shift would be necessary.

Jan van Eck said in the Interview that the proposal will be submitted at a later date:

We have discussed with the SEC on the Bitcoin issue, the custody, the market manipulation and prices, and this had to stop. And so, instead of trying to slip through it, we have withdrawn the amendment, and we will submit, but again, if the SEC comes back.

In spite of this recent news there are in the crypto-community but still a lot of Hype about a Bitcoin ETF. Just a few days ago Bitwise Asset Management has filed a so-called S-1 form, a Bitcoin ETF application to the us securities and exchange Commission. Only a few days earlier, the Winklevoss were twins, the two will be approved behind one of the first, if not the first Bitcoin-ETF-a proposal (which was rejected), it is clear that you are working so long on a ETF, to this – no matter how long it takes.

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