Ben Segers and his assembled family, to return to 1986

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1986, the year in which the newspapers front pages: the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explodes with disastrous consequences, the Red Devils are national heroes after their semi-final at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Mexico and Sandra Kim sings the star of the Eurovisiesonghemel and delivers our country the first and only victory in the liedjeswedstrijd. In between all of that actuageweld by experience the 12-year-old Ben Segers a carefree childhood in the Belgian Arendonk.

From childhood’s Ben bitten by the acting and regiemicrobe. With a VHS camcorder in hand, he makes his first films and he follows everything his hero Jaak Van Assche on the small screen, do – not rarely accompanied by a serving of fries and a fried Zwanworst, the ‘specialty’ of his mother. Those memories may have together with his friend and director Lenny Van Wesemael, son Gène and daughters, Marilou and Cato get.

In their eightieswoning, which, according to Cato the appearance of a farmhouse, immersing them in the world of the 12-year-old Ben. No posters of football players or women in his bedroom, however, images of the cast of the Colleagues. No soccer on Saturday mornings, Ben brings prefer time on the Macintosh from his father to himself to write scenarios. What would Cato and Marilou to try. The whole family boxes a short film together with a made for… An Lemmens. Then Ben and co are ready to receive guests. No one less than Jaak Van Assche and Tatyana Beloy stand in front of the door, who, together with Ben on the set of The peers 2.0 were. They put their teeth in some of the vintage frikandellen with sour cherries.

On Sunday, exhibits Am pingpongtalent, the only sport that he ever in league play. Table tennis experienced a serious rise in 1986, thanks to the successes of Belgian champion Jean-Michel Saive. No Flemish garage without a ping-pong table, so even when Am at home. “A game of pingpong, our daddy can do it well, but he sells mainly show hey”, to find the girls. And so comes an end to the journey of the family Segers to the ’80s.

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